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We pray together, work together and have lots of fun whilst discovering more about our faith. Daily prayer provides us with an opportunity to communicate and talk to God. Prayer forms an integral part of all Collective Worship and liturgical celebrations when there are moments of quiet reflection or guided meditation. Prayer is also an important part of Religious Education lesson. Children are encouraged to compose their own prayers for Masses and Collective Worship. Prayer is a central part to all our lives. Staff and Governors pray together before every meeting.


Daily Prayers

Mrs DeOliveria and Miss Harrison sing our daily prayers.


Prayer Bags

To support children's spiritual journey and ensure prayer becomes an integral part of the children's daily lives, we have prayer bags which go home to different familes regularly. The bag contains all you would need to sit, reflect and prayer together. Children are encouraged to compose their own prayers and create a class book of prayers. 


We are a worshiping community. Through our worshipping and celebrating together we recognise, are united by and rejoice in God's greatness and love for each one of us. We follow the liturgical year and celebrate important events in the church's calendar. 

We worship together daily and follow a timetable:


We have a Spiritual Council who play a vital role in enhancing the Catholic Life or our school. They support in class and whole school worship, take lead roles in special occassions and help to create opportunities for everyone in our community to come closer to God. We have a prayer area which they help to look after and encourage others to take time to reflect and deepen their relationship with God. The Spiritual Council are supported by the Senior leadership team and our parish Priest Fr Míċeál Beatty.

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