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Live, Love and Learn in God's Name

Our Mission

Live, love and learn in God’s name

Our Mission at St Mary Star of the Sea Catholic Primary School is underpinned by Gospel Values.

 As staff, FGB and parents, we will work together in a partnership of Faith to guide, inspire and teach the children in our care. Gifts and talents will be nurtured so that every child develops spiritually, emotionally and academically, reaching their full potential, ready to take their place as citizens in a Global World.

Mission Statement

The FGB and Staff of this school have agreed that the fundamental purpose of our school is to create a Catholic environment where religion is not merely a subject to be taught but one which also provides an atmosphere of loving concern in which the truths of Christianity can be experienced.

To achieve this we will: -

Develop our care for each other, valuing all community members equally through support, help and praise so that we can recognise, understand and lovingly accept each others’ beliefs, strengths and weaknesses.

Develop prayer, worship and liturgy so that our school community can understand, live and spread the word of God.

Develop the curriculum in a Christ-centred way so that learning is integrated with the personal and spiritual development of each child.

Develop links with parents, FGB, LA, Diocese and our wider community to enable children to reach their full potential and take their place in society.

Develop our school environment so that it is welcoming, motivating and well managed.

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