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School Development Plan 2021-2022

SECTION 2: Priorities For School development from school’s Self-Evaluation – Overview

Catholic life, Collective Worship and Religious Education

Quality of Education in Early Years

  1. To embed the new Religious Education Interim Standards of Assessment criteria
  2. To continue to develop our planning to ensure children have the opportunity to express their thought and ideas through a variety of creative channels.

1.3 To review and rewrite the School Mission Statement.

  1. To increase the proportion of pupils achieving ‘expected’ across prime and specific areas so that outcomes continue to be in line with the national average.
  2. To enable support staff to make skilled observations

The Quality of Education

Behaviour and Attitudes

2.1 Curriculum Intent: To further develop the curriculum to ensure it is broad, balanced and meets the needs of all children


2.2 Curriculum Implementation: To further improve the teaching of reading


2.3 Curriculum Impact: To increase the proportion of children achieving expected in Reading, writing and maths individually and combined in KS1 and KS2



  1. To ensure the behaviour of the children is consistently good, especially at unstructured times of the day.
  2. To further develop the partnerships with parents, so that pupils are well supported.
  3. To continue to monitor overall attendance to ensure it remains in line with the national average.

Personal development

5.1 To ensure the support for pupils’ MHEW is good and that children are provided with the opportunities to develop confidence, resilience and a love of the world around them.


Leadership and Management

  1. To ensure all subject leaders carry out their role out effectively
  2. SAFEGUARDING: To continue to ensure safeguarding is effective.
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