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Our Curriculum

Intent: What we are aiming to achieve for all children.

Our curriculum has been designed to ensure all children are provided with opportunities to reach their full potential. We aim to ensure our children develop a lifelong love of learning. We are a multicultural school and want our children to have an understanding of the wider world around them and have a growth mind-set, which will enable them to take their learning and develop a sense of responsibility as a global citizen.

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Implementation: How we are going to deliver our curriculum for all.

We will deliver our curriculum through quality first teaching. Only through teaching knowledge, skills and vocabulary across the core and foundation subjects will we ensure all children are challenged and grow as creative learners.

Impact: The outcomes of the children’s learning and how we ensure they have made progress.

Through our curriculum, our children will learn to live their lives with the Gospel values at the heart of all they do. We will measure progress from starting points and look at the full impact of the curriculum in a holistic way. We will look at the learning shown in books; the level of engagement in class; how well the children can articulate their learning and how well they are prepared for the next stage in their education.

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