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The uniform is changing in September 2022. Please read below.

School Uniform

We have a school uniform so that children are dressed in a smart and practical way and to promote a sense of community. Children must wear full school uniform at all times. 


Uniform can be purchased from SuperStitch86 - click the image below to go to their website. 


Year Reception - Year 5


Light blue polo shirt 
Grey school trousers or shorts
Navy blue school jumper/cardigan with logo
Black shoes 
White/grey/black or navy blue socks 
Plain navy blue coat


Light blue polo shirt 
Navy blue tunic or skirt or grey school trousers 
Navy blue school jumper/cardigan with logo
Flat black shoes with a bar or laces or a covered front
White, black or navy blue long socks or tights
Plain navy blue coat

Summer - Navy blue and white checked dress (Autumn 1 and Summer Term)


Year 6 Uniform


White  shirt  and school tie
Navy blue school jumper with logo
Grey trousers or shorts
Black shoes
Plain navy blue coat


White  shirt  and school tie
Navy blue school jumper with logo
Flat black shoes with bar or laces and covered front
White or navy blue socks (not trainer socks)
Plain navy blue coat

PE Clothing

Plain white polo shirt with school logo, navy blue sports shorts, navy blue tracksuit bottoms, navy blue sweatshirt, dark blue or black trainers and a pair of white ankle socks. 

Other Items/Accessories

Children are not allowed to wear jewellery in school. Children may wear one small pair of stud earrings. These must be removed or covered with tape on PE days. 

Pupils in KS2 may wear a simple wrist watch.

We reserve the right to forbid items of clothing, accessories and footwear which are unacceptably dangerous in school or are against the interests of the children at large. Similarly, extremes of styles are not acceptable. If deemed appropriate by school staff items will be confiscated and kept in the school office for parents to collect.

Mobile Phones

Pupils who travel to school without an adult may bring a mobile phone to school. These must be switched off and left in the school office at the start of the day and should be collected at home time. Parents must write a letter giving their permission for the phone to be brought to school.


Hair longer than shoulder length should be tied back and fringes clipped out of the eyes. Extremes of hairstyles are not acceptable. No pupils should have their hair dyed or shaved. 

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