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Information for Prospective Parents

Please click on the image below to download our current prospectus.


Additional Documents Required

If you wish to apply for a place in Reception Class at our School and you would like your religious practice taken into account, you will be required to provide the following documentation:


 Copy of your child’s BAPTISMAL CERTIFICATE,

 Any other important information you wish the Governors to consider.

NOTE: Parents with a child/children already on roll at the school are still required to apply for a place for their younger child and submit supporting evidence, as specified above, as places are not allocated to siblings automatically.

IMPORTANT: All supporting evidence must be submitted directly to the School Admissions Officer. 

If you require any further information please contact Louise Basson, the School Admissions Officer via the school office.

Thank you and we hope to hear from you soon. 

For information regarding our Opens Days, please click on the link below


The Governing Board wish to clarify how the faith-based oversubscription criteria for Catholic applicants will be interpreted for admission of pupils.

On the advice of the Education Service of the Diocese of Arundel & Brighton the governing body of St Mary Star of the Sea Catholic Primary School has agreed the following statement in order to clarify how its faith-based oversubscription criteria will be interpreted whilst churches are closed or attendance at church is not possible due to COVID19. This statement has been shared widely with local parishes in order to ensure that determinations made by parish priests concerning regular practice of the faith are being made on a consistent basis.

The suspension of the obligation to attend Sunday Mass was announced on 18th March 2020 by Bishops' Conference of England and Wales. If a parent/carer attended Mass at a particular parish (or parishes) prior to 18th March 2020 then they will be considered to have attended Mass in that parish (or parishes) regularly since that time. This will remain the case until the Sunday obligation is reintroduced by the Bishops.


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