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Gospel Values

'This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.' John 15.12

How we encourage children to live out the Gospel Values:

Each term we discover and discuss a Gospel Value. We have a weekly worship which is focused on the value and they are enriched by the use of:

  • Quotes and questions to encourage deeper thinking about each value
  • Photographs and posters to root the teaching in the everyday experience of children
  • Stories, poems and art
  • Prayers and guided reflections from traditional and contemporary authors
  • ideas to develop the theme of the worship through the week

The teaching of the Gospel Values is clearly rooting all learning in the Bible and the Liturgical Church year. 12 Gospel Values are explored in a 2 year programme. We believe that where there is connectedness between the gospel and the everyday lives of children and adults in the whole school community, the effect can be transformational. 

The 12 Gospel Values we focus on:

This Term the Gospel Value is: Generosity
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